About us


About us

Multitest is an online service of ISP selection for Internet users. Our clients have an opportunity to find the best company, as well as to order Internet connection without leaving home.

Our website includes only the best providers and they have the opportunity to attract new customers by themselves.

Today our mission is making Internet available in every region and helping Internet-providers increase customer's loyalty.

How we can help you

  • Your client base will be extended with new clients from our website
  • The number of applications for connection addressed to you will grow as the site traffic grows
  • By publishing unique promotion offers you will have a chance to leave your competitors far behind
  • There is no fixed rate – you only pay for the applications you receive – thus your expenses for attracting new customers are minimal
  • The cost of advertising and attracting new clients on your website will be 5 6 times lower than in other channels

What we offer to-date:

  • We publish and promote your tariffs within the coverage
  • We receive targeted applications from users located in the regions of your coverage
  • We process applications for connection – you only need to coordinate the time of your technician's visit
  • Our user's high loyalty to your company
  • High conversion ratio of applications: 80 90% of applications guarantee connection upon condition of a fast call-back
  • High profit of the project: monthly fees are 20-30% higher than the average of other promotion channels
  • Top marks in organic search and contextual advertising
  • Additional revenue: we buy out provider's non-core applications for a 50% income

Provider's confidentiality and safety

We conclude a standard contract with every provider, which includes all cooperation details, as well as obligations and confidentiality. Complete information about provider's coverage is not available to other providers and outside users. Users will only see information that the provider wishes to publish in their region. Applications are transferred only to the provider chosen by the user. All provider's connections made through our website remain protected information and are available only to the provider.

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